Striving for excellence in inspection, verification and expertise

Neorisk SafeInside edits your technical reports by collecting, transmitting, storing, retrieving data of your on-site inspections, compliance auditing, inventorying or others. It also manages your staff schedules and centralizes documents.

Neorisk SafeInside is intended for organizations that are looking to significantly boost the productivity and the flexibility of their operations.

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Top Features


Neorisk SafeInside meets your in-house activities by mixing Lean Thinking and augmented reality.


Neorisk SafeInside uses Microsoft™ technology and can be used whatever the size of your organization.


Up to 75% productivity gain with calculation of indicators for your management control system.


Your core business is digitalized and secure to be accessible wherever you need it.


Neorisk SafeInside adapts operations to humans and their imperfections. It includes innovative functions that prevent failure factors.

knowledges aggregation

Neorisk SafeInside aggregates seniors skills for juniors and simply knowledges learning.

Design for use by demanding businesses

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What do your clients expect? Just reliable reporting at the best rate! The timeliness of relevant reports has a strong impact on the quality of service. To allow you to achieve excellence, SafeInside implementation includes analysis of your current activities by modeling your future activities according to each client needs. Neorisk SafeInside builds your expertise and restores it to your experts when they need it.

Be surprised by your own ability to challenge yourself

Changing way of work is always confusing, excepted if the new way only focuses on the most interesting part of the job! As you do not waste time with non-value added activities, you can develop your skills and find new opportunities. Neorisk SafeInside will surprise you by its amazing simplicity and its accurate outputs.